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Wealthy Affiliate

Overall Ranking: 99 out of 100

Price: You begin your Wealthy Affiliate membership in a Starter membershp. This membership allows you to take several training courses, build a WordPress website and interact with the community — which by itself is priceless! Many members of the WA community are very skilled in website development, writing content and know just about everything there is to know about word presss.  The total cost for a Starter membership is FREE! (join here).

Premium membership is also offered for $47/$359 per Year, which is not much at all for all you get.  As a premium Wealthy Affiliate member you can build up to 25 WordPress websites for free in addition to having access to well over 1,000 different WordPress themes and most of the plugins you will need.  You also have full access to all of the training, which is excellent training based upon my own experience and if you don’t believe me read other reviews to be certain you feel good about your choice (join here).

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Prerequisites: None. Everything that you will need to learn to Build a successful online business is provided within Wealthy Affiliate


Once you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate for free you can start right away on a program that includes expert level training, two free websites and access to a community that is very supportive and happy to help you through any difficulties you may face as you navigate your way through the program.

Your first exercise will be to find your “niche”, or something that you are passionate about. The training focuses first on finding your niche. You will then build your first web site, which takes all of 30 seconds. When your website is ready and you are happy with it you will learn how to let people know your site exists. This is where you will learn about the necessity of attracting traffic to your website and trying to get your site on the first page of Google, Bing and other search engines.  This process of trying to get your website to appear on the first page of the search enginesletters-s-e-o-in-lights is called SEO or search engine optimization.

Now you are ready to monetize your website. This is how you can build a thriving business in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing consists of posting ads from various companies such as Amazon, Walmart and many others and when the traffic reaches your site they will hopefully click on one of your ads and purchase something at the store they clicked on. You will then earn up to 75% commission just for posting the ad on your site and having the customer purchase something from that store.

You can stay on with WA with a free membership or you may choose to go “premium”. While it is still possible to become a successful affiliate marketer with a free membership, you have much more opportunities for growth and expansion and learning with the premium membership. If you decide to go premium within the first 7 days, you will only be charged $19 for your first premium month, then $47 per month after the first month. There is also an option to pay for a yearly membership ($359/yr) which is a great way to go as you save money and don’t have to worry about coming up with that $47 every month.

I can’t say enough good things about this program! It is truly amazing and what brings it all together is this amazing wonderful WA community. I have never seen or heard of a community that is completely diverse from all over the world all walks of life coming together and supporting each other in all ways. This community is more like a loving family that has your best interest at heart. What ever kind of help you need you will find it here. There is always someone to answer your comments, questions, posts, etc. because the community expands over all the time zones in all of the world.

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First I will start with the Pros:

  • University level training in website design and development;
  • Ability to earn as high as 50% commission for getting new members to join;
  • Multiple training methods employed including video, text with images and 100s of tutorials provided by the other Wealthy Affiliate community members (everyone is encouraged to produce 1 or more helpful tutorials).
  • Purchase your domain and host it here on Wealthy Affiliate’s state of the art secure and fast hosting.
  • Excellent Tech support with the ability to help you recover files you thought were gone forever;
  • Incredibly supportive community from all over the world; this gives you the added benefit of submitting a question for members to answer and actually receiving answers for questions submitted  within 10 to 15 minutes in most cases no matter what time your question is submitted.

Here is the list of Cons:

  • Information overload due to all of the learning tools provided.


This program will benefit anyone at any level of expertise.  No prior web or any type of experience is required.  Those people who already have years of experience will still get something new out of this program, in addition everyone is encouraged to “pay it forward” so there is  a culture of helping people out that is very advanced within this community.  All you need is the desire to learn and the time and motivation to keep working at it along with  the patience to tolerate some setbacks and failures as this most likely will take some time before you start to earn some money and see your websites and or blogs ranking high in the search engines.

Give WA a try, what have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing!  Please feel free to ask any questions or make constructive criticism, or just make a comment.  All dialogue is very much encouraged!

To read more reasons to sign up for and immerse yourself in Wealthy Affiliate please read this post by a very successful and long time member of Wealthy Affiliate.

2 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review

  1. Tony Lee Hamilton

    Wonderful review of Wealthy Affiliate Barbara,

    If I were not already a member I would sign up now. I agree 100% that WA is by far the most supportive, helpful and caring online business community in the world. I highly recommend that anyone reading this post and/or this comment to get signed up with Barbara and WA as we will all be there to help you to succeed!

    Thank you Barbara,


    1. Barbara DiLucchio Post author

      Thank you, Tony for your comments! I really appreciate it, and what you are saying about WA is completely 100% true. There isn’t, to my knowledge anyway, any group like this anywhere. It doesn’t matter where anyone comes from or what ther gender, religion or anything like that is everyone is treated equally and respectfully. A very positive and encouraging environment for anyone wanting to or even thinking about starting their own business.

      Thanks so much again for your kind words,



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