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By | May 19, 2016


Once you have decided that you would like to build a home based online business, then you have decided upon your niche so now you can start building your website with that niche in mind and to stay true to it and not veer off the path too far.   Even if you had not found your niche, in my opinion the best place to start researching would be through the use of a keyword tool.   This post focuses on one of the many key word tools available and describes it’s uses and various other features.


Overall Ranking: 97/100
Price: $19 / Monthly Pro Version; $49 /Monthly Enterprise Version
Owners: Kyle and Carson


In order for you to build a business online that is successful you will need a top notch keyword tool such as Jaaxy. Jaaxy is an easy to use and inexpensive key word tool that can also be also use in many ther types of research.   For key word research enter your initial key word and jaaxy will generate a list of additional key words based upon the on what was entered.  For exaample, if you enter the key word phrase “premium pet grooming products” and click the “Find Keywords” button, Jaaxy will generate a group of key words that could also be candidate key words.  See the listing below for the results for this example.

Example of Jaaxy output for keyword search










                           The columns shown above are: 

Keyword — Keyword generated or the one you entered to start;

Avg — Average number of searches the keyword receives in a month;

Traffic — Visits to your website if you land on the first page of Google;

QSR — Number of competing websites ranked for this keyword in Google;

KQI — Keyword quality indicator: Green — Good, Yellow — OK, Red — Bad;

SEO — a combined score based upon traffic and competition, the higher it is the more likely you are to rank on first page with this key word;

Domains — Availability of domains related to this keyword;

Related — Keywords that are related to your target keyword;

What you are looking for in the results are keywords with some traffic, low competition and it must make sense.  For something to aim at a competition (QSR) below 300 is acceptable but the lower the better for competition.  Just be sure the keyword or phrase makes sense and that a word has not been left out.  If it has left a word out you could try it by pasting the phrase into the keyword textbox and modifying it to make sense, i.e. add a word if it’s missing, etc.  Once your keywords are displayed you can go through the list and check off the keywords you want to keep and click on the Saved Lists menu item and your words will either be saved in a new list or an existing one.

Another great way to use Jaaxy is to use what is called the “Alphabet Soup” method of generating key words.  The way this method works is to type part of a key word phrase into the Find Keywords text box and then run through the  alphabet starting with a, b, c, and on until you have plenty of great key words that you can use for content for a long time.   The image below shows how the data is entered along with some of the output generated.

Jaaxy alphabet soup method

Using the Alphabet Soup method Jaaxy can generate a very large quantity of keywords.  As you can see Jaaxy is a very versatile tool that provides a lot of functionality.  Another example of what Jaaxy can be used for is for niche research.  If you are trying to come up with some potentially profitable niches then Jaaxy can provide this service also.


We will start with the Pros:

  • Jaaxy is very affordable at $19/mo for the Pro version;
  • Jaaxy is a great keyword research tool;
  • Jaaxy is also a great niche research tool;
  • Jaaxy can also be used to check out the availability of domains;
  • Can also be used for research for domain flipping;

I really can’t think of anything for the list of cons but if someone has a negative experience with Jaaxy and would like to add a comment I will review it and as long as it is constructive, it will be the firsts item on the list of cons.


Jaaxy is for anyone that needs a keyword research tool that can also help with various other types of research such as domains and niches.  It is easy to learn and very easy to use.


Training is available through various courses and tutorials on Jaaxy and there is always plenty of support available through the WA community.  This truly is a great tool and for these low prices you will never get a better and more versatile tool than Jaaxy.


Just enter in a key word of some niche you might be interested in pursuing or just any old key word for that matter.  Enter your keyword choice in the text box below and click “Search for Keywords” and you will be taken to the results page where you can sign up for a free trial.  So, go ahead and sign up for the trial and you will get 30 free searches which should be plenty to give you some good keywords for your own website.  You have nothing to lose so give it a try!



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