Building an Effective Website with WordPress

By | May 31, 2016

Affiliate Marketing

Another method of earning money from your home is through affiliate marketing.  However, in order to promote the products or courses or whatever you have selected to be an affiliate for you will need a website.  Before you build your website it is best to try and come up with a “niche”, which is a narrowed down aspect of a more general topic. For example, if you wanted to promote fitness products this would be too general for a niche.  Try to come up with a unique aspect of fitness that you are passionate about and would want to promote products for this niche, such as fitness for women over 50.  That is just an example but you can also use Jaaxy as a tool to help you come up with your specific niche.  When you are going through the process of selecting your niche, try to keep in mind that you will need to pick something that interests you enough so that you can produce 2 to 3 blog posts per week or even more.

Building your Website

Once you have decided upon your niche then comes the fun part — building your own WordPress website.  This is actually much more simple than it sounds as you will have plenty of more experienced people within the WA community who are always there to help anyone that needs help.  All you need to do is post your question to the community and in a very short time, you will most likely have several responses to your question.  In addition to the extremely helpful WA community, there are plenty of courses and tutorials that you can take that will guide you through creating your first website.

However, if you watch the video below you will see that the creation of the website itself is extremely simple and only requires 4 steps.

You have a Website!

Now that you have an actual website built that is just the beginning.  There are still many more tasks that must be completed before your website is ready to go live!  The first of these tasks that must be tackled will be installing some plugins that will take care of some of the essential admin tasks such as backing up your website, preparing it for SEO and some security plugins to try and eliminate or at least minimize the risk of spammers and hackers.

Readable, helpful content is essential!

A critical success factor to your website is the content you provide to your readers.  Strive for headlines that will have the desired effect on your readers to make them really want to read more.  Do your best to help them in any way you can to comprehend what you are teaching them.  Be sure to provide screenshots that show them and how to accomplish what they need to accomplish using WordPress.

Creating a Post Using WordPress                                                                          Add New Post Menu Item

To create a post, first, click on “Add New” just below the heading that says “All Posts“. The screenshot below shows the options on the word press dashboard.  The option you will want to select is the option that is circled in red.

This results in the appearance of a new blank page for you to start entering your very readable and captivating content.


The following Infographic is attributed to  It based upon several articles that appeared the Content Marketing Institution and in a CMI magazine article from October 2015.

Image used in discussion of home businesses



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