5 Examples of Online Home Businesses

There are many choices to choose from once you decide to build an online business from home. This section gives 5 examples of online home businesses and describes what is involved in each business example to better enable you to make and educated selection. 

Information Marketing

info_marketingstock-624712__180A business in Information Marketing has the potential to be very successful. The most important fact in doing a business such as this is to be sure to select a specialty in which you have a strong interest so you will be happy to write articles, blog posts, newsletters and become confident you have enough knowledge on this subject, when you have researched it and hopefully gathered all the new and relevant information in this subject matter. At this point you can start publishing e-books and selling them on the web for money. This type of business has a great earnings potential and can get you off to a very successful start. Hopefully there will be enough interest in your topic to keep you going for a long time. However it would be good practice to start researching new possibilities in which you have a strong interest so you can switch topics if the first on cause. It would be a good idea to get other niche interests researched and ready to go and so you can publish multiple e-books on varying topics.

Selling on eBay


EBay is a great choice for a home business and the potential for earning income is limitless. This business requires no startup investment as you can start by just selling your own possessions that you no longer use or clothing and shoes you no longer wear as long as they are still in good condition.

You probably don’t want to sell all of your possessions so to supplement your sales inventory you could go to garage sales, yard sales and Craig’s List to pick up some items you can sell.
Another option is to use drop shippers to provide the inventory of products in which to sell. It is also a good idea to do some investigative work to find a niche of products that are selling well and trending upward and locate drop shippers to choose from. You can search for drop shippers in Google using this format: fashion jewelry + drop shippers and this should result in several options from which to select.
There are several very good research tools that provide you with excellent insight into what products are really selling, who the sellers are and how much they have made in sales.

Affiliate marketing


This is a great home business to have as it requires no selling, no inventory or even a product and best of all no customer support. This is the ideal way to earn a living from home.
You should do some research to see what types of products are selling well and which are not selling well. Also, when you’re selecting what products you want to refer people to you should try and select something that interests you and products you believe in so you will feel better about referring other people to the site to purchase these products.
Once you have a good idea of what products you would like to promote then you would need to go to some of the sites that sell these products and determine whether or not they have an affiliate program. If they do have affiliates you will most likely need to apply to become an affiliate. While there is much more chance for success if you have a website to place the ads onto, it is possible to get started without a website using ClickBank.com. It is a good idea to look at ClickBank.com either way just to get ideas of what products you would like to promote. However, your choices will be limited if you do not have a web site so I would definitely recommend that you either build your own WordPress site (see ‘Getting Started’ page for recommendation of ‘Wealthy Affiliate’) or have one build for you so you will be able to apply for more affiliate programs. Most businesses will require that you have a website in order to display their products.
I would recommend that you really do try to select only products you believe in or products that are part of something you are passionate about so it will be more of an enjoyable experience placing affiliate ads on your web site. Also I would not recommend going only for affiliate products that have a high commission or very high competition as these products will probably be referred by high-end affiliates that specialize in these products.
Also remember the only way people are going to find your site is if it shows up on page 1 of Google and the other search engines. Therefore don’t neglect the necessity of SEO.

Social Media Concierge


This would be a great work from home business for someone who knows a lot about such things as Facebook fan pages for businesses, Twitter business information and all of the ways to promote businesses successfully on social media. Someone that knows how to do this for all of the major social media sites could offer this social media concierge skills for several businesses and could make a pretty good living doing this work from home. Businesses really need this type of advertising and exposure on the social media sites so this is a skill set that is in demand.


WordPress Web Site Development and SEO


Even though WordPress is relatively easy to learn there are many people that just don’t want to bother with this part of their business or just don’t feel confident that they could create a web site that would represent their business as they would like for it to be presented. Small business owners that need a web site are most likely too busy running their business to put enough time and effort into learning how to build an effective web site in WordPress, they are especially not interested in worrying about SEO. This would make a great business for someone that is not computer illiterate and interested in really creating beautiful web sites. This person would also be well versed in what it takes to get the site ranked in Google and the other search engines.




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