5 Benefits of a Virtual Office Environment

By | May 10, 2016

Save Money With Virtual Employees

In addition to starting your own business there are more and more companies that are beginning to see the benefits of a virtual office with remote employees.  There is a huge amount of money saved just for the office space that it   workOnlineFromHomewould take to place employees.   Also this is a huge incentive for an employee who really wants to work from home to be able to find a job like this.  When the employees are happy they will be motivated to do a good job so they can keep their working arrangement as it is.

Employer Mis-Conceptions are Keeping Some Workplaces in the Dark Ages               

There really is no need to have all of the employees in one place as if there needs to be a meeting there are plenty of software products out there that  provide the ability to hold a virtual meeting.  Training sessions are easy to put together with this software also.  If an employer thinks employees will only work if they all come to a place where they can be watched then maybe that boss needs to hire more reliable and self motivated employees.

Increased Productivity                                                                                                                                                                                        

Speaking from personal experience I was much more productive when I was able to work from home than when I was in the office as there were no interruptions at home.  Working in an office environment can be very distracting as most offices don’t have separte offices with doors that can be closed.  Most offices these days are filled with cubicles wth walls that are so low they provide no privacy at all.

Beneficial for Air Quality — Less People Driving

Another benefit gained from allowing employees to work from home is less carbon emissions resulting in     large-traffic-jam-highwayimproved air quality and less time wasted driving back and forth to an office.  I really don’t understand why companies that don’t allow telecommuting can’t see the advantages it brings.                                                                           

More Qualified Employees to Choose From                                                                           

Another great advantage of having a virtual workforce is that your pool of possible employees has just grown by immense proportions as now people living in New York can apply for jobs in California or anywhere  without having to relocate which sometmes is not a viable solution.  Employers now can consider potential employees from pretty much anywhere in the world.

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