Building an Effective Website with WordPress

Affiliate Marketing Another method of earning money from your home is through affiliate marketing.  However, in order to promote the products or courses or whatever you have selected to be an affiliate for you will need a website.  Before you build your website it is best to try and come up with a “niche”, which… Read More »

Product Review — Jaaxy

INTRODUCTION Once you have decided that you would like to build a home based online business, then you have decided upon your niche so now you can start building your website with that niche in mind and to stay true to it and not veer off the path too far.   Even if you had not found your niche, in… Read More »

5 Benefits of a Virtual Office Environment

Save Money With Virtual Employees In addition to starting your own business there are more and more companies that are beginning to see the benefits of a virtual office with remote employees.  There is a huge amount of money saved just for the office space that it   would take to place employees.   Also… Read More »